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 No Sugar Added BBQ & Ketchup - Perfect for Paleo, Keto and low sugar eating plans

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AlternaSweets BBQ Sauce (Single)

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Our delicious, low carb BBQ sauce is a top seller. We take a blend of flavorful spices and the goodness of fresh, savory tomatoes to create a full bodied taste.  The touch of healthy, black strap molasses invokes a warm, familiar taste that is reminiscent of a backyard family BBQ. Use as a glaze for meatloaf, slather your BBQ ribs with it, even add to savory dishes and dips.

July 09, 2017
My husband is diabetic and has struggled with his blood sugars. He's also VERY picky about what he likes and doesn't. He was a die hard Sweet Baby Ray's fan. Now that I've introduced him to AlternaSweets, LOVES the BBQ Sauce and the Ketchup. It's a small change, in his diet, but every little change helps. Like most Americans, our fridge is FULL of condiments. This is one way I can help him make a healthy, low carb choice that's actually tasty! Thank you, AlternaSweets for giving us this amazing product.
February 05, 2017
This low carb BBQ sauce is the best I have ever tasted. It tastes just like full sugar BBQ sauce if not better! My friends that are on strict ketogenic diets love this stevia BBQ sauce! I order by the 6 pack, so delicious!
February 04, 2017
I really like AlternaSweets BBQ sauce because it has a sweet taste with yummy spices for just the perfect amount of flavor. The thing I love about it is that it has all the taste with lower carbs. It is a more natural and healthier option.
February 04, 2017
The BBQ sauce was amazing!! The flavors complimented the steaks so well, and it was the best sauce we have ever had. My whole family loved it. We will definitely be buying more soon.
February 04, 2017
This BBQ sauce is truly some of the best flavor blend of spices I have tried!!!! It’s smoky, sweet, tangy, just great!!! It’s hard to believe it has no sugar in it! My 4 year old son dips his chicken nuggets in it!!!... A must try for sure!!

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