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Truly Healthy Foods Are Hard To Find

We Did Something About It

It’s no secret that cutting carbs and refined sugar is a great way to improve your health. The trouble is, carbs and sugar hide in all sorts of so called “healthy” foods.

A single serving of one national brand of BBQ sauce contains 45% of the daily recommended sugar intake. The average national brand of ketchup has 4 teaspoons of sugar per serving!

What’s a person to do? Give up ketchup? Um, no thank you.

Sweet Perfection

In 2011 Jared had some weight to lose. Jared didn’t want to give up  condiments. All the BBQ sauces he found either tasted awful or had artificial sweeteners. He wanted something that tasted great and was actually good for him.

So, Jared got creative in the kitchen and created a personal BBQ sauce recipe. He used a high grade Stevia sweetener and all natural ingredients. It was perfect!

Life’s Too Short To Live Without Condiments!

Jared then shared it with friends and they loved it. As friends do, they begged him to “bottle and sell this stuff!” So, thats what he did!

AlternaSweets BBQ sauce became our bestseller. It wasn’t long before Jared developed a popular Stevia Sweetened Ketchup recipe. It became “Amazons Choice” for Stevia sweetened ketchup. *proud ketchup moment*

Jared & Misti love hearing from customers. They tell us about leading healthier lives, losing weight, even managing their diabetes better. Customers whose kids, husbands and wives all love the flavor of these sauces. It doesn’t get better than that!

Happy eating!

Jared & Misti


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